About Us

Who Are We?

The world has beautiful places to visit; however, most of the time, it isn’t brought in the right way. Over the years, the tourism industry has changed with more and more borders opened with every year more people wanting to explore.

Venez Discover of Tourismus Group, based in Switzerland, provides trips for companies, families, couples, and solo travellers out of passion and love for tourism and its different diversified culture. Our objective and goal are to make each tour by not harming our beautiful planet, and by making sure the people we work with have the same philosophy. Venez Discover brings the best out of each place by meticulously crafting each tour exclusively while taking care of our environment. We aim to bring the love, passion, and interest for our planet in each trip or service provided to you, which is the reason why we carefully create all our trips. We do not resell any tours private or packaged on our website nor use sub-contractors to perform our trips. That makes us the end supplier while guaranteeing control on the authenticity, including the excellent service we aim to strive for.

All our tours can be in Arabic, French, English, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, and much more.

What We Do?

Packaged Multi Day Trips

Crafting exclusive trip packages for our guests to indulge the finest of each region

Exclusive Day Trips

Meticulously creating tours for our clients to discover the secrets of each place

Comfortable Transfers

Providing comfortable, quality, secure and service-oriented rides with our very own impeccably trained drivers

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