Gruyères’s Cheesy and Chocolaty Escapade From Basel

A true treat for the senses, this cheese and chocolate escapade lifts the curtain on the backstage world of cheese and chocolate production in Switzerland. Our adventure begins in the medieval village of Gruyères, famed for the nutty, semi-hard cheese which shares its name. Discover ramshackle 15th century homes, meandering cobblestone alleys, and one of Switzerland’s crowning glorie: the magnificent Castle of Gruyères. Treat your tastebuds at a local dairy, where highly-skilled cheesemakers will teach us how to make Gruyères. Sample the iconic cheese fresh from the wheel, and discover the rich history behind the recipe. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the legendary Cailler Factory, the birthplace of Swiss chocolate. Discover why Cailler chocolate is considered the creamiest in Europe, and watch chocolatiers practicing their art.

Trip Highlights

  • Exclusive discovery of Gruyères Cheese Making
  • Discover the Château of Gruyères 
  • Explore Switzerland’s iconic location
  • Learn the history of Chocolate and the art of Swiss Chocolate Making

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Trip Inclusions

  • Private Multilingual Guide
  • Private Chauffeur
  • Exclusive Cailler Factory Visit & Chocolate Making Workshop
  • Bottled Water
  • Château de Gruyères Entrance Tickets
  • Exclusive Gruyères Factory and Cellars Visit

Trip Exclusions

  • Lunch


Your guide and private driver will meet you at your hotel, and take you to Gruyères via some of their favorite local sights.

Gruyères Village

A short scenic hike will bring us to the delightful town of Gruyères, birthplace of the iconic sweet and salty cheese which shares its name. Nestled within the picturesque Fribourg canton, this medieval town is bursting with rustic charm. Explore the maze of cobblestone pathways, glimpsing panoramic views of the surrounding countryside as you make your way to the hilltop Castle of Gruyères. This stunning fortress dates back to the 13th century, and was once home to the notorious Counts of Gruyères. Now visitors can explore the castle’s sordid history, and wander through treasure lined museum rooms and ancient ruins.

After the tour we will enjoy a quick lunch stop – but don’t fill up too much!

Gruyères Cheesemaking

Next we head to “La Maison du Gruyères”, a traditional dairy where master cheesemakers will reveal the process behind authentic Gruyères AOP cheese. Watch as fresh milk is transformed into delicious Gruyères, using huge copper cauldrons and giant curd presses. Learn how the region produces around 48 wheels a day, all of which undergo rigorous inspection by Gruyères AOP before they are allowed to be sold with the official label.

After the demonstration it’s time to indulge your taste buds.  Learn to recognize and appreciate the full bodied, nutty flavor of authentic Gruyères as you sample the cheese straight from the wheel.

Cailler Factory

Stomachs full of cheese, we will make our way to our final stop: the Cailler Chocolate Factory. This legendary cocoa wonderland was created by the grandfather of Swiss chocolate, François-Louis Cailler, whose secret ingredients remain in use today. His iconic chocolate is famous for its rich, creamy flavor, achieved by using condensed milk rather than the standard milk powder used in most other brands.

Master chocolatiers will show you how to craft your own unique box of truffles, using foolproof ganache techniques. Take your chocolates home, or eat them in your private car!

After a full day of food and adventure it’s time to head back to your hotel. Your guide and private driver will ensure you have a comfortable journey back to your hotel or residence.

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