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Come and explore the magnificent beauty of Lucerne. We offer spectacular day trips in Lucerne to explore the rich cultural & natural heritage of Switzerland’s most charismatic city. You’ll be captivated by the stunning views of the natural landscape, museums, vibrant nightlife, treat yourself with authentic Swiss chocolate, see the scrapper buildings, and so much more.

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Best Holidays Day Trips In Lucerne

City's Fascinating History

Lucerne has a long history, and there is ongoing debate when the city was actually founded. Many suggest the semblance of this city dated back to 840 AD, while others believe it is 1178. The best way to find out is to delve into the city’s complex history to take a tour to the many museums, architectural tourist spots and meet the locals.

Talk a Stroll in the Old Town

A walking tour in Lucerne includes taking a strolling across the cobblestone streets of Lucerne’s old towns and streets. There are a lot of traditional bars, street shops, nooks & crannies. This city is full of vivid charm and picturesque beauty.

Engelberg & Mount-Titlis Escapade

Journey to the heart of Swiss culture, as you discover mountains, monasteries, and cheese.

Lucerne’s Beer Delights

Take an adventure into the delectable world of Swiss brewing, with an exclusive tour and tasting session at one of Lucerne’s leading breweries.

Gruyères’s Cheesy and Chocolaty Escapade

Immerse yourself in the lipsmacking world of Swiss cuisine, as you discover the story behind the country’s favorite delicacies: chocolate, and cheese.

Lucerne’s Regional Delights

Treat yourself to Lucerne’s regional delights, with a culinary tour which gets to the heart of this stunning Alpine region.

Lake Lucerne

Also known as the “Lake of the Four Cantons,” Lake Lucerne is one of the top-rated attractions for day trips in Lucerne. This stunning waterbody has four arms, all going in different directions, with eminent mountains on all sides. You can take an early-20th-century paddle steamer to a lake cruise and capture snaps for life. Lucerne’s waterside is surrounded by captivating landscape views.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth, wherever you look, you are up for a treat here in Lucerne. Try the finger-licking good fluffy pastries, handmade chocolates, yummy pralines, or gift to those back home.

Mount Pilatus Heritage & Optional Beer Delights

Discover sky-high Alpine vistas and artisan beer with our Mount Pilatus Heritage adventure.

Jungfraujoch & Interlaken’s Secrets

Journey to “The Top of Europe” as you discover the highest railway in Europe, and explore the natural wonders which surround it.

Explore the beauty of Switzerland with unique Lucerne day trips today.

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